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Liars Dice: White Box Edition

MIB1019A Liars Dice: White Box Edition published by Mr B Games

MIB1019A: Liars Dice: White Box Edition is Out of Stock

An all-time classic, Liars Dice is a great game for everyone; a perfect filler before or after a big game or enjoyable on its own in a casual setting with family and friends. This edition of Liars Dice contains Richard Borg's original award-winning rules. These rules should not be confused with other variants like Perudo, Bluff, and others. These are, inf fact, Richard Borg's original rules for Liars Dice that made this game famous.


  • 31 Dice
  • Dice Cups
  • Rubber Mat
  • Rules
  • Price: 25.99
           (RRP is 31.99)