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Killer Bunnies Card Game: Pumpkin Spice Booster

UP49114 Killer Bunnies Card Game: Pumpkin Spice Booster published by Ultra Pro

Killer Bunnies is a casual strategy game where players enlist bunnies to collect as many carrots as they can, all the while having tons of fun and laughs with parody pop culture references! With fall season starting, its time to spice up your Killer Bunnies game with a brand new booster deck! Pumpkin Spice booster adds 55 cards to your existing deck plus 10 round markers to keep trading in check.

Spicy new cards include Breakdown Bunnies that share the pain, or a Daft Draft that might seem insane! Tivy Telos requires two, while a Royal Fizzbin earns Carrots for you! We could go on forever about the Infinity Mitten, but Meek Shall Inherit has us quite smitten! Double Metal cards give you a pleasant choice, with a range of values that will make you rejoice. The Killer Bunnies Pumpkin Spice booster is compatible with the Killer Bunnies Quest Blue starter decks and all other booster decks. This booster is not playable standalone. Add spicy new cards to your Killer Bunnies game play. Breakdown Bunnies, Infinity Mittens, Daft Draft, Double Metal cards and more! Contains 55 Large Cards, 10 Traded Markers and Instructions.

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