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Invisible Sun RPG: Secrets Of Silent Streets

MCG219 Invisible Sun RPG: Secrets Of Silent Streets published by Monte Cook Games

MCG219: Invisible Sun RPG: Secrets Of Silent Streets is Out of Stock

Like any metropolis in any realm, Satyrine isnt one city but many. Even a vislae cant know the entirety of it, no matter how many lives they live there. Fartown, the Marquis Quarter, the Strangeglass District, the Hollows, and the vast abandoned stretchesall offer different experiences and moods as well as unique landmarks, resources, denizens, and dangers. Satyrine is something different to every citizen and visitor who explores her streets.

Secrets of Silent Streets is a guide to this vast, rich, and unique citythe epicenter of the orders of magic and, to many, the very center of the Actuality. Visit the Great Observatory of Zuin, where mystical astronomers equate the movement of the stars with the ebbs and flows of magic. Meet the Phalanx of Liquid Granite, who have turned absurdity magic into a martial art. Enter the Citrine Court, a secret conclave of vislae devoted to transforming themselvesphysically and metaphoricallyinto famous novels from Shadow. These are just a few of the experiences youll discover as you travel the seventeen districts of Satyrine and beyond, each detailed through dozens of points of interest and illuminated through its own unique atmosphere, social expectations, and traditions. Along the way youll find scores of plot hooks, NPCs, creaturesand of course plenty of magic.

Price: £33.99
       (RRP is 39.99)