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Innovation Card Game: 3rd Edition Echoes Of The Past Expansion

AGL0151 Innovation Card Game: 3rd Edition Echoes Of The Past Expansion published by Atlas Games

Innovation: Echoes of the Past is an expansion for Carl Chudyk's Innovation, released in 2010, that mirrors the construction of the earlier game as both include 110 cards, 105 cards that are divided into different decks (labeled age 1 to age 10) and five cards that show special achievements that can be claimed. The expansion's 110 cards are all new.

Innovation: Echoes of the Past brings over a hundred new cards to the table. Each card in the set depicts an innovative item or object from history, all things which have changed the world in either subtle or obvious ways. These cards are used in addition to the ones from the base set. Youll draw an Echo instead of a base card anytime you have a hand of cards, but no Echoes in your hand already. New mechanics allow you to plan your future plays by foreshadowing cards, gain bonus points from special icons on cards, and even use echo effects from cards that have been covered up! Use these new tools to make your civilization the greatest, and out-innovate your opponents.

No. of Players: 2 - 4

Duration: 45 to 60 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 15.99
       (RRP is 19.99)