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Hoyuk Board Game: Obstacles Expansion

MGA023 Hoyuk Board Game: Obstacles Expansion published by Mage Company

MGA023: Hoyuk Board Game: Obstacles Expansion is Out of Stock

Hoyuk: Obstacles (expansion) takes the game to the next level. This expansion adds five unique pieces of terrain of various sizes that can radically alter the developmental space of the games board.

Choose 1-3 Obstacles before the game begins and place them as you want on the board, inside the playing area. The Obstacles limit the space you have to build and make the game more difficult, as each piece will come with its own rule modifications. You must be more careful how you will build your Block since your opponents will try to find a way and stop you from growing your Block!

Landscape create a more tactical game. However you will discover that you cannot play with all the landscapes at the same time. It is not forbidden, but it will make the game really hard to beat. The different settings and rules for each Obstacles creates a different strategy for the players but at the same time it makes harder to create a big village in the valley. Do note that is required to have Hoyuk base game in order to play Obstacles. You can check Hoyuk page here.


  • 5 Landscape Boards
  • 1 Ruleset
  • Price: 7.99
           (RRP is 9.99)