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DC Universe Miniature Game: Batman Villains

KMDCUN046 DC Universe Miniature Game: Batman Villains published by Knight Models

If a hero is defined by the variety and quality of the villains he fights, then Batman is a mighty hero indeed. His nemeses include some of the most dangerous individuals in the DC universe. It is Batmans greatest burden of guilt that his very existence has inspired many villains to escalate their reign of terror over Gotham. It is his greatest motivation, however, that he is always there to stop them. This boxed set contains six highly detailed resin miniatures and their Character cards, representing some of Batmans arch-rivals, ready to wreak havoc in Gotham.


  • Ras Al Ghul
  • Bane
  • The Riddler
  • Scarecrow
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Clayface
  • 6 Character cards
  • 6 plastic bases
  • Price: 46.99
           (RRP is 57.99)