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DC Comics Deck Building Card Game: Multiverse Box

CZE02277 DC Comics Deck Building Card Game: Multiverse Box published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Our reality is one of many. The DC Multiverse encompasses an ever-expanding realm of elseworld tales, alternate timelines, dreamed realities, parallel worlds, and possible futures. Like the Multiverse itself, the DC Comics Deck Building Game continues to expand and now there's finally a place to contain it all.

Inside the DC Comic's Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box, you can store all of the currently available cards with plenty of room for expansions to come, including the Multiverse Crossover Pack based on the Convergence storyline that is available exclusively in this box! This pack offers a new competitive gameplay experience that makes use of your entire giant box of cards.


  • 33 New Game Cards
  • 7 Oversized Multiverse Location Cards
  • 22 Dividers
  • 6 Foam Spacers
  • 1 Rulebook
  • Price: 19.99
           (RRP is 24.99)