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Commands and Colors Board Game: Ancients Expansion 4: Imperial Rome

GMT0909 Commands and Colors Board Game: Ancients Expansion 4: Imperial Rome published by GMT Games

Command & Colors Ancients allows you to refight epic battles of the ancient world. In this expansion the Roman armies still battle barbarians, but now most of the battles are fought to preserve the Roman Empire rather than expand it. Rome's enemies are becoming more proficient while Rome's legions are declining in ability. Ominously, even while outside threats increase, Rome's legions are increasingly consumed in costly wars fought by rival generals aspiring to become Emperor.

Units in both armies can only move and fight when ordered. The command playing cards supply those orders, providing an element of luck that creates a fog of war and presents players with both challenges and opportunities. You must maximize your opportunities by playing your command cards judiciously. How well you handle the diverse units, their weapons, and the terrain, will determine victory.

Commands & Colors Ancients: Expansion #4, Imperial Rome, adds a completely new Roman army. You will note by the listing of Imperial Roman units that the army composition is not like either earlier Roman army, and that it is decidedly weaker than its predecessor, the Julian army.

Purple Imperial Roman Units

  • Light Infantry 6 units (24 blocks)
  • Light Bow Infantry 2 units (8 blocks)
  • Light Sling Infantry - 5 units (20 blocks)
  • Auxilia Infantry - 8 units (32 blocks)
  • Warrior Infantry 1 unit (4 blocks)
  • Medium Infantry 9 units (36 blocks)
  • Heavy Infantry - 3 units (12 blocks)
  • Heavy War Machine 1 unit (2 blocks)
  • Light Cavalry - 4 units (12 blocks)
  • Light Bow Cavalry 2 units (6 blocks)
  • Medium Cavalry 4 units (12 blocks)
  • Heavy Cavalry - 2 units (6 blocks)
  • Heavy Cataphract Cavalry - 2 units (6 blocks)
  • Leader 4 leaders (4 blocks)

    We have increased the Eastern Kingdom army to reflect the increasing dominance of the mounted units, particularly the light archers and heavy cataphracted cavalry. Youll get a chance to use armored camels as well. Regular camel units have been provided in case you wish to revisit older battles such as Magnesia and use the Eastern Kingdom army instead of the Greek army.

    Tan - Eastern Kingdom Units

  • Warrior Infantry - 1 unit (4 blocks)
  • Light Cavalry - 2 units (6 blocks)
  • Light Bow Cavalry - 6 units (18 blocks)
  • Heavy Cataphract Cavalry - 5 units (15 blocks)
  • Camel - 2 units (6 blocks)
  • Cataphract Camel - 2 units (6 blocks)

    We have also increased the Barbarian army again to reflect the increasing use of heavier mounted units.

    Green - Barbarian Units

  • Medium Cavalry - 2 units (6 blocks)
  • Heavy Cavalry - 4 units (12 blocks)

    Black Rectangular Wagon Blocks

  • Baggage Wagon (one side), Wagon Laager (opposite side) - (5 blocks)

    Black Square Blocks

  • Eight of these blocks are for the Imperial Roman victory banners and two are for Special Unit markers. Each block receives a label on one side only.

    Important: In order to play the scenarios in the Imperial Rome expansion, you will need a copy of the basic Commands & Colors: Ancients game and copies of Expansion Nr. 1 Greek vs The Eastern Kingdoms and Expansion Nr. 2 Rome vs The Barbarians.

  • No. of Players: 2

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: 43.99
           (RRP is 54.99)