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City Of Remnants Board Game

PHGCOR01 City Of Remnants Board Game published by Plaid Hat Games

PHGCOR01: City Of Remnants Board Game is Out of Stock

Hot rain falls down upon a cold, rotting city. Here the Yugai, a species of militant humanoids, leave the survivors of the worlds they have ransacked and destroyed. It is a prison and a work camp, a place for those who lived through Yugai invasion to live out their remaining years as slaves. This is Gatorum, the City of Remnants. In City of Remnants, players take on the roles of gang leaders, each one with their own unique qualities and motivations. Players will struggle to control the city, but only the winner can decided the city's future.

In City of Remnants, two to four players vie for power in a dystopian world. Many paths to victory lay before you. Bid for gang members who provide a variety of shady skills. Get an edge with weapons and other sundrys from the black market. Build districts that can provide you with advantages, production and income, but beware, because a greedy opponent might sweep in and take over the work of your own hands.

City of Remnants combines strong resource management, auction, and conversion mechanics with spatial tactics, assymetric player powers, area control and direct conflict. A variety of tools, different every game, are at your disposal to build up your gang and claim the city for yourself. But watch out for the Yugai police force, who will meddle with everyone's plans! Create your own path to victory with this outstanding debut game from designer Isaac Vega.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Player Mats
  • 53 Development Tiles
  • 18 Development Draft Cards
  • 40 Gang Leader Starter Cards
  • 31 Gang member Unit Cards
  • 30 Black Market Cards
  • 20 YCU Coordinate Cards
  • 1 YCU Alert Reference Card
  • 1 Cloth YCU Token Bag
  • 20 YCU Tokens
  • 37 Renown Tokens
  • 60 Product Tokens
  • 86 ARC Tokens
  • 4 Turn Tracker Tokens
  • 4 Influence Tracker Tokens
  • 64 Plastic Figures
  • 10 Battle Dice
  • 1 Six-Sided Die
  • 1 First Player Token
  • No. of Players: 2 to 4

    Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

    Min. Age: 13

    Price: 40.99
           (RRP is 49.99)