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Chocobo's Crystal Hunt Card Game

SQUCBCH01 Chocobo's Crystal Hunt Card Game published by Square Enix

SQUCBCH01: Chocobo's Crystal Hunt Card Game is Out of Stock

Send your cute Chocobos on a journey to steal your opponents' crystals... before they steal yours!!! Use your intuition and observation skills in this fast-paced game.


  • 43 Game Cards
    • Hunt cards: Chocobo14, Fat Chocobo5
    • Crystal Cards: Fire Crystal4, Water Crystal4, Wind Crystal4, Earth Crystal4
    • Monster cards: Bomb4, Ahriman4
  • 5 Player Markers
  • 5 Victory Tokens
  • No. of Players: 3 to 5

    Duration: 10 to 20 minutes

    Min. Age: 6

    Price: 13.99
           (RRP is 16.75)