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Borodino: Napoleon In Russia 1812

COL3212 Borodino: Napoleon In Russia 1812 published by Columbia Games

COL3212: Borodino: Napoleon In Russia 1812 is Out of Stock

Borodino was fought between the Army of Imperial Russia and Napolon's Grand Arme on September 7, 1812. The battle ended with a French victory, but strategic defeat. Losses were terrible on both sides, but the Russians could replace theirs. One week after the battle Napolon occupied an undefended Moscow, hoping to impose a peace, but after four weeks was forced to retreat home with calamitous results.

The historical battle involved wave after wave of frontal attacks by both sides, focusing on the Russian redoubts. However, the game will show all the options available to Napolon and Kutuzov, including some not attempted historically. The French player has several possible lines of attack and the Russian player must try to anticipate and counter them all. The tactical interaction of Napolonic infantry, cavalry and artillery is also emphasized, including cavalry charges and squares. This makes for exciting and tense gaming.

Movement and combat are resolved within areas. The game plays using the fast-paced Move-Move-Battle sequence seen in Shiloh. Players activate leaders to command divisions of the same corps.


  • 103 wooden blocks
  • Labels
  • Mapboard
  • Rules
  • Orders of Battle
  • 4 Dice
  • No. of Players: 2

    Duration: 180 to 240 minutes

    Price: 62.99
           (61.42 after automatic discount!, RRP is 74.99)