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Before I Kill You Mister Spy Card Game

CAG237 Before I Kill You Mister Spy Card Game published by Cheapass Games

CAG237: Before I Kill You Mister Spy Card Game is Out of Stock

Before I Kill You, Mister Spy is a classic card game from Cheapass and we are thrilled to bring this new edition into print. This version has handsome new 1960s style graphic design and a wholly retuned game engine, making it the best edition in every way. This is the third edition of this game, formerly known as James Ernests Totally Renamed Spy Game and previously known by a title we arent allowed to tell you.

Players take the role of super villains, luring spies into their lairs and killing them for points. But before you kill a spy, you may be tempted to taunt him for extra points, leading (sometimes) to his escape. Its a simple press-your-luck game, except that it can be up to the other players to decide if you fail.

No. of Players: 2 - 6

Duration: 30 minutes

Min. Age: 12

Price: 7.49
       (RRP is 8.99)