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Batman Miniature Game: Street Demonz Bikers

KMBMG35DC253 Batman Miniature Game: Street Demonz Bikers published by Knight Models

Following the evacuation of Gotham City during the Arkham Knight incident, the notorious biker gang known as the Street Demonz swore allegiance to the Penguin. Since then, their hideouts have frequently been used to store Penguins merchandise, increasing the standing of the Street Demonz in the criminal underworld, and adding serious muscle to the Penguins smuggling operations. This blister pack contains two finely detailed Street Demonz Biker resin miniatures, along with their character cards. These models add high-speed objective grabbing and hard-hitting power to any Penguin crew.


  • 2 finely detailed resin miniatures
  • 2 characters cards
  • Price: 19.49
           (RRP is 23.99)