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100 x UltraPro- ProFit Edge Standard Inner Sleeves

UP85270 100 x UltraPro- ProFit Edge Standard Inner Sleeves published by Ultra Pro

PRO-Fit Edge inner card sleeves are designed for standard ("Magic") sized cards. The specially designed black border gives cards a uniform look while framing the artwork of the card. These inner sleeves fit tightly around the card to give it an extra interior layer of protection. These standard sized PRO-Fits can be used in conjunction with Ultra PRO's 35pt ONE-Touch magnetic card holder, which is especially recommended if the card is expected to be taken in and out of the holder frequently. Made from ultra clear, archival-safe and acid-free polypropylene film. Only use with cards with rounded corners. Do not use with sharp-angled sports cards as the tight fit may damage the corners. 100 sleeves per pack.

Unique black border frames cards to give them a uniform look. Designed to fit standard sized cards. Inner sleeves designed to be used in addition to Ultra PRO Deck Protectors. Made with archival-safe, non-PVC polypropylene film. 100 individual sleeves per pack

Price: 6.49
       (RRP is 7.99)