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World At War Magazine #39: France Fights On

DCGWAW39 World At War Magazine #39: France Fights On published by Decision Games

DCGWAW39: World At War Magazine #39: France Fights On is on Sale

This alternative history wargame examines the strategic and operational possibilities inherent in the campaign that wouldve occurred within France in June 1940 if that countrys government had resolved not to give up, as was the case historically. The assumption is that they instead chose to evacuate as much of the French Army as possible to France dOutre Mer (Algeria). The resultant campaign, then, is one of strategic retreat and pursuit. The German player must try to destroy as much of the evacuating French force as possible, while keeping his own losses to a minimum in doing so.

Both sides orders of battle are entirely historical. The game length is held to only one month because, had the Germans not triumphed in that amount of time, the delay thereby caused to their plans for the next year wouldve then amounted to a major defeat in itself in the wider war.

Each game turn represents two days. Each hex represents eight miles (13 km) from side to opposite side.

One 22x34 map, 88 counters (plus bonus variants), designed by Ty Bomba.

Price: 12.99
       (RRP is 23.99)

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