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Wizard Coin Set

DRAMSS0WIZ Wizard Coin Set published by Drawlab Entertainment

DRAMSS0WIZ: Wizard Coin Set is Out of Stock

A proper wizard has always the right amount of gold on him. These coins have been developed to be used as currency in a vast variety of fantasy games, or even as tokens of power in any RPG or game system.

  • 10 Copper. Diameter: 32mm Thickness:- 2mm
  • 8 Silver. Diameter: 32mm Thickness:- 2mm
  • 6 Gold . Diameter: 32mm Thickness:- 2mm

    Games where the coins can be used at: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Alchemists, Mystic Vale, and in all games with at least one wizard creating chaos.

  • Price: 18.49
           (RRP is 22.99)