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The Reckoners Dice Game

NVO021 The Reckoners Dice Game published by Odd Bird Games

NVO021: The Reckoners Dice Game is Out of Stock

Based on the book series by Brandon Sanderson, The Reckoners is a co-operative board game that allows 1-6 players to take on the roles of the novels protagonists and work together to save the city of Newcago. Players must defeat Steelheart and other ruthless Epics supervillains that each have unique, game-impacting abilities. Players must cooperate and decide how to resolve these competing priorities to eliminate Epics, save Newcago, and ultimately win the game. How, when, and where players act will determine victory or failure.

Players will role dice and assign them to perform actions such as research, attack and earn money. Arrayed against the players are the Epics, each with amazing powers and a single weakness. Only be figuring out this can players defeat them.

The Reckoners plays like a challenging, ever-shifting puzzle. Carefully manage resources, build powerful action combos, create tactical plans with your teammates, and work together to take down the bad guy!

No. of Players: 1 to 6

Duration: 75 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 69.99
       (68.24 after automatic discount!, RRP is 104.99)