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The Potion Dice Game

FOXMDPOT The Potion Dice Game published by Foxmind

FOXMDPOT: The Potion Dice Game is Out of Stock

An epic encounter between the worlds savviest alchemists is drawing universal attention. Each alchemist starts with the same basic ingredients: rare mushrooms, secret liquid vials, and poisonous beetles. In a match of wit and bluff, they compete to get rid of their ingredients and take control of the final potion. Closely watching each other's moves, will you prevail in this unique and original game of deception?

At the beginning of each round in The Potion, a player rolls the dice to determine the ingredients players will be bidding on. After considering the roll, players secretly choose one ingredient from their palm and place it in their other hand. Once all players have made their choice, everyone reveals their selected ingredient. Compare the type and quantity of the ingredients revealed with the result of the dice roll. Players who meet the winning conditions set by the dice may discard their ingredient and place it into the bottle. The players who did not meet the winning condition keep their ingredient. Dice are passed clockwise to the next player who rolls the dice, and a new round begins.


  • 3 Ingredients Dice
  • 42 Ingredients Tokens (14 Beetles, 14 Mushrooms, 14 Vials)
  • 1 Potion Bottle
  • Rulebook
  • No. of Players: 3 to 7

    Duration: 10 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: 10.49
           (RRP is 12.99)