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The Dark Eye RPG: Arivor's Doom Adventure

PAIULIUS25304E The Dark Eye RPG: Arivor's Doom Adventure published by Paizo Publishing

Arivor, jewel of the Horasian Empire, is the heart of the Rondranian faith, stronghold of the staunch Ardarites, and home to famed weapon smiths, skilled armorers, and vintners of fine wines.

Trumpets herald the opening of the mid-summer Royal Tournament as the city fills with pilgrims and excited onlookers. The heroes travel to Arivor as eager tournament participants, bold explorers, or enthusiastic friends of the theater. The city veritably bursts at the seams, and visitors marvel at the crowds and pageantry. Suddenly the unthinkable happens, and the city's joyous and carefree celebration turns into a desperate struggle for survival. Arivor is doomed, and the heroes must rescue whomever they can!

This adventure for The Dark Eye Roleplaying Gamecontains detailed descriptions of the city of Arivor before, during, and after the catastrophe, and includes NPCs, maps, floor plans, a timeline of events, and challenging encounterseverything your players need to participate in an event with major consequences for the future of Aventuria. Requires The Dark Eye Core Rules for play.

Arivor's Doom is a The Dark Eye group adventure for 35 heroes.

Price: 11.78
       (RRP is 15.99)