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Terraforming Colony Deluxe Organizer

MPR1129 Terraforming Colony Deluxe Organizer published by Meeple Realty

MPR1129: Terraforming Colony Deluxe Organizer is on Sale

This organiser is supplied unassembled and is compatible with Terraforming Mars. This deluxe version of Terraforming colony includes 4 player dashboard overlays. A copy of the game Terraforming Mars is not included.


  • Individual players tray overlay sets that keeps the players cube markers in place
  • Custom hex tile holders for Greenery/City Tiles, Ocean Tiles, and 11 Special Tiles.
  • Meeple Realtys Rover for use as first player marker.
  • Custom Temperature and Oxygen Markers.
  • Card trays that can hold sleeved cards.
  • Resource and player markers trays.~Helpful Tip: Soak your plexiglass overlays in soapy water for at least an hour before assembly. Then, dry them off and peel the rest of the sticky paper off.

    The insert is designed so that pieces snap into place, but due to variances in wood, glue may be necessary to secure the pieces together. We recommend wood glue, but quick drying glue works as well.

  • Price: 39.99
           (RRP is 79.99)