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Talisman Adventures RPG: Tales Of The Dungeon

PEG47506E Talisman Adventures RPG: Tales Of The Dungeon published by Pegasus Spiele

Grab your torch and explore the dark and hidden places deep beneath the Realm with Tales of the Dungeon. From the Wraithlords Domain somewhere beneath the City to the Glittering Caverns of the Hollow Hills, youll find details on dungeons from one end of the Realm to the other. Within these pages, youll unlock a wealth of information to expand your Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG campaign, including two new ancestries (minotaur and vampire), two new classes (necromancer and tomb robber), new rules for dungeon exploration, fiendish traps, dungeon-related gear and treatures, and new enemies, strangers, and followers. Youll also find advice for designing your own dungeons and a complete three-level dungeon that brings the heroes face to face with the Lord of Darkness.

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