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Talisman Adventures RPG: Myths And Monsters

PEG47507E Talisman Adventures RPG: Myths And Monsters published by Pegasus Spiele

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Ready spear, blade, bow and spell as you prepare to encounter the most terrifying enemies of the Realm and explore its deepest mysteries with Myths and Monsters.

From the powers of Light and Dark, the old gods and faerie faiths of the Realm, to enemies new and ancient, you'll find details on the monsters and myths from one end of the Realm ot the other.

Herein you'll find a vast trove of information and lore to expand your Talisman Adventures Fantasy Roleplaying Game. In Myths of the Realm, you'll discover the history of the powers of Light and Dark and the societies that serve them, details of the lords and ladies of the fae, the ancient Norns who weave the skeins of fate itself, and a plethora of beings such as the Pumpkin King, the Toad King, the Heralds and more. There are also details on festivals and events such as the Rain of Toads, Night of the Pumpkin King, Fright Night, Chaos Rifts, and Faerie Feasts to enliven your Talisman Adventures campaign. Then, of course, there are the enemieseverything from mundane beasts to the Dragonic lordsenough to challenge adventurers for a lifetime of adventure.

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