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Small Star Empires Board Game: 2nd Edtion

ARCG0001-18 Small Star Empires Board Game: 2nd Edtion published by Archona Games

Colonize and conquer the galaxy in this highly engaging, easy to learn, and quick to play area control game for 2-4 players! In Small Star Empires, players colonize the galaxy using their ships, which they will move around on a modular board, allowing for a different map and different experience each time you play the game.

The rules are simple: Each turn, the players will move one of their ships in a straight line, as many spaces (systems) as they want, but they cannot go over systems controlled by other players. After a player moves their ship, they have to place a City or Trade Station on that system, thus scoring points depending on the system type, and gaining control of that system until the end of the game. When all of the players placed their Cities and Trade Stations, the game ends and additional bonus points are scored, like the points gained from Trade Stations. Finally, the player with the most points is the winner! With these extremely simple rules, players will get into the game from the very start and they will immediately immerse themselves in the depths of the tactical and strategic choices the game offers, in order to score more efficiently and outsmart their opponents! Additionally, this box contains components for several variants of the game such as Wormhold Systems, Black Hole Systems, and Unexplored Systems, which will spice up your game time!


  • 96 Wooden Player Components
  • 7 Main Sector Tiles
  • 4 Homeworld Sector Tiles
  • 14 Unexplored System Tiles
  • 6 Wormhole/Black Hole Tiles
  • 1 Score Track
  • 4 Player Score Markers
  • 9 Nebula Markers
  • No. of Players: 2 to 4

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Min. Age: 13

    Price: 23.99
           (RRP is 32.99)