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Shadow Of The Demon Lord RPG: Exquisite Agony

SDL1015 Shadow Of The Demon Lord RPG: Exquisite Agony published by Schwalb Entertainment

SDL1015: Shadow Of The Demon Lord RPG: Exquisite Agony is Out of Stock

Somewhere far below Urths surface lies a place of shadow and fire, a realm of exquisite agonies and terrible delights. Hell awaits all who bear corruptions stain on their souls, for it is a boundless repository for the damned, a place where every wickedness, every deviance, every sin is on full display along with the consequences for those actions. The devils, Hells denizens, profit from mortal misdeeds and go to incredible lengths to lead mortals astray. While they readily destroy lives and laugh with glee at the rivers of tears and blood they create, they need the world as much as mortals dofor without it they too would be doomed. A shadow has fallen on Urth, a grim darkness cast by the Voice in the Void, and the devils wring their hands with worry. Some, perhaps, might set aside their appetites for evil to join forces and take a stand against the impossible foe.

Exquisite Agony gives you everything you need to drench your campaigns in the horror only devils can create. With the options in this book, your campaign will to descend to new depths of darkness and despair.

Shadow of the Demon Lord and the Demon Lords Companion are required to play.

Price: 13.49
       (RRP is 15.99)