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Rory's Story Cubes: Dr Who

CSPRSC108 Rory's Story Cubes: Dr Who published by The Creativity Hub

CSPRSC108: Rory's Story Cubes: Dr Who is Out of Stock

Imagine reading your favourite Doctor Who adventure that ends on a cliff-hanger, or wanting to add your own time travelling twist on an episode you have just watched. StoryWorlds Doctor Who now gives you the power to create and extend your own Doctor Who stories. Roll the nine dice, look at the images and delve deeper into the Galifreyan universe crafting your own timey wimey adventures. Will the Master finally defeat Doctor Who? Could you, yourself be the Doctor?


  • 9 x 19 mm dice (each with 6 unique embossed images)
  • How to play guideline (Remember there are no rules)
  • Pocket sized and ergonomic plastic case, ideal for carrying on the go.
  • Illustrated icon guide for all 54 icons
  • Min. Age: 6

    Price: 8.99
           (RRP is 11.99)