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Rescue Polar Bears Board Game

MDG4239 Rescue Polar Bears Board Game published by Mayday Games

MDG4239: Rescue Polar Bears Board Game is Out of Stock

With increasingly serious global warming, the last area of ice on land at the North Pole is melting and all the polar bears are homeless. Players in this game will be a team formed by all nations to save them. This is a co-operative game for 1-4 players. Players will co-operate with each other by choosing proper actions and card effects, so that they can save all of the homeless polar bears.

Each player chooses a ship of a nation at the beginning of the game and he or she will be the captain of the ship. Different ships have different abilities, which can be improved during the game. Also, there are various cards of 4 main kinds in this game. Captains start with some of them and they can get or use them during the whole game. Rescue Polar Bears is played in turns. In one captains turn, he has several actions to choose, such as moving, delivering and using cards. A captain has 3 action points per turn, which can be used to choose the actions mentioned above.

The homeless polar bears stand on ices, waiting the captains rescue. The ices they stand on is melting with time elapsing, accidentally or step by step. When an ice is melt, the polar bears on it may drop down into the water and face their unlucky fate. So its crucial for the captains to co-operate with each other by choosing proper actions and card effects before that tragedy.

The game can be ended by 3 ways: Saving all polar bears, using up time or having a polar bear fall into the water. You group will get scores, based on your performance, in either ending. Then, share your scores with your friends and families!

No. of Players: 1 to 4

Duration: 60 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: 41.99
       (RRP is 49.99)