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Red Alert Board Game: Carrier Starship Escalation Pack

PSCRED003 Red Alert Board Game: Carrier Starship Escalation Pack published by P S C Games

Sci Fi starfleet combat using Richard Borgs hugely successful and popular Commands & Colours board game system. Escalation Packs present additional starship models, rules, and terrain to add to the core game. A carrier unit is by far one of the more interesting units in the RED ALERT game system. The ability to strike at the enemy with hit-and-run tactics makes the carrier fighters a threat to every class of enemy ship. Yet there are sound and proven methods to blunt this threat. Discovering just how best to use a carrier and its fighters in battle will be a challenge.


  • 1 Commonwealth carrier
  • 3 Commonwealth carrier fighters
  • 1 Confederation carrier
  • 3 Confederation carrier fighters
  • 1 rulebook containing special rules and 2 new scenarios
  • A punchboard of counters.
  • Price: £15.49
           (RRP is 17.99)