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Pathfinder RPG Module: Seers Of The Drowned City

PAI9553 Pathfinder RPG Module: Seers Of The Drowned City published by Paizo Publishing

PAI9553: Pathfinder RPG Module: Seers Of The Drowned City is on Sale

The embattled people of Hyrantamonce Lirgens capital, but now a meager settlement built on waterlogged ruinsface a dire threat: sea monsters are emerging from the nearby waters in droves, with little relief in sight. Worse, a coven of sea hags is holding the villagers hostage, and time is quickly running out. With the waves constantly at their backs, only the heroes stand between this storied place and total annihilation!

"Seers of the Drowned City" is a deluxe adventure for 5th-level characters, and includes 64 action-packed pages of monstrous intrigue, aquatic threats, and ancient ruins ripe for exploration. The author of this adventure, Nicholas Wasko, was the winner of the RPG Superstar contest, in which hundreds of unpublished authors competed for the chance to write a Pathfinder Module. In addition to his adventure, this book contains a host of new monsters and magic items designed by the contest's runners-up. Written by Nick Wasko, RPG Superstar.

No. of Players: 4 to 6

Levels: 5

Price: 9.49
       (RRP is 10.99)