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Odins Banquet Hall Organizer

MPR1122 Odins Banquet Hall Organizer published by Meeple Realty

Compatible with the following games:

Feast for Odin


  • Viking ship as first player marker and token holder.
  • Two resource trays.
  • Two Viking Axes as money trays.
  • Individual players trays.
  • Card tray that come with card dividers and hold sleeved cards.
  • Tiles tray that separate Building Tiles, Ship Tiles, Mountain Strips Tiles, Extension Tiles, Special Tiles, and dices.

    Please note: The two (2) Goods Tiles Trays that come with the game are required to be used with the product.

    Like any of our other products, the insert will fit inside the game box and the box will sit flush. The game can also be stored vertically.

    The insert is designed so that pieces snap into place, but due to variances in wood, glue may be necessary to secure the pieces together. We recommend wood glue, but quick drying glue works as well.

  • Price: 41.99
           (RRP is 49.99)