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Mutant Chronicles RPG: Dark Symmetry Campaign

MUH050002 Mutant Chronicles RPG: Dark Symmetry Campaign published by Modiphius

The Rise of Darkness

An Imperial expedition on Pluto has unleashed a wave of darkness and despair upon humanity, spreading madness and corruption. While the worlds of mankind fall to ruin, a handful of determined investigators stumble across conspiracies that threaten to tear civilisation apart.

Features two campaigns! This book contains two distinct campaigns set in the Dark Symmetry era, exploring the early years of the Mutant Chronicles setting.

The Fall of von Hlle - In the days following the emergence of the Dark Symmetry, a missing heiress, an emergency call, and the agenda of a madman all lead to an unsettling discovery and a vile conspiracy.

The Dark Symmetry Campaign - At the height of the First Dark Legion War, a series of seemingly-innocuous events in Luna City reveal a dark scheme that spreads across human civilisation.

Pregenerated Characters - Six characters designed to work with the premise of the adventures.

Doomtroopers - A selection of items used by the Cartels elite warriors, who were founded in the height of the First Dark Legion war.

Price: 20.99
       (RRP is 29.99)