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Miracle On The Marne

OSSBX1505 Miracle On The Marne published by One Small Step Games

The battles of World War I completely and forever redefined warfare in the western world. They marked the end of the older tradition and the beginning of the age of total war, and a century of conflict. Miracle on the Marne is an operational level game of the Battle of the Marne that occurred near Paris, France in September, 1914. This battle changed the course of the war and had either side been able to achieve a decisive victory, the horrors of the following four years of trench warfare might have never occurred. In the game, one player or team of players, will control the Allies (France and Britain), while the opposing player or team will control the Central Powers (Germany).

Each hex on the game map represents approximately fi fteen to twenty miles. Units represent brigades and divisions.


  • 1 Game Map
  • 2 Charts and Tables Sheets
  • 2 Counter Sheets
  • Rules Booklet
  • No. of Players: 2

    Duration: 120 to 240 minutes

    Min. Age: 12

    Price: 35.99
           (RRP is 39.99)