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Logiquest: Catan Logic Puzzle

ASMLQCAT01EN Logiquest: Catan Logic Puzzle published by Asmodee

A brand new way to explore and build - the CATAN Logic Puzzle incorporates the building and trading themes of CATAN into a delightful and challenging brainteaser. In the CATAN Logic Puzzle, players use logic, organisation, and critical thinking skills to discover paths to prosperity as they connect mines, farms, and lumber camps to settlements and cities around the island. Trade routes must wind through terrain, avoid obstacles and (of course) avoid the dreaded robber!

With five chapters, forty puzzles, and four levels of increasing difficulty, the CATAN Logic Puzzle offers hours of mind-engaging fun for families and adults. Its emblematic hexagonal case holds all the pieces and cards, making it a perfect travel companion. The CATAN Logic Puzzle is a solo-player puzzle for ages 8 and up. It includes one storage case with built-in playing board, 40 puzzle cards, 33 resource pieces, and instructions.

No. of Players: 1

Min. Age: 8

Price: 19.99
       (RRP is 25.99)