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L5R CCG: Gates Of Chaos Booster Pack

AEG16710S L5R CCG: Gates Of Chaos Booster Pack published by Alderac Entertainment Group

The enemy of the Colonies stands revealed. The mad dragon Pan Ku, a fundamental force of madness and destruction, has manipulated the Great Clans for its own unfathomable purposes. Madness, war, and disgrace have been the results. With Pan Kus machinations exposed, the samurai of the Colonies must now try to overcome their own animosities and find a means to defeat the influence of a divine enemy, or else all may be lost forever.

Each Booster Pack contains: 7 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, 1 rare card and a chance for a foil in each booster.

Price: 0.49
       (RRP is 2.99)