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Katz And Schmaus Game

PEG66504G Katz And Schmaus Game published by Pegasus Spiele

Cats love treats, but these kitties are a bit picky: they only like certain colours. In The Cats Meow, the players want to give the right treats to each cat, but they only get to see their colour at the beginning of their turn, then the treats are turned face-down. By shaking the box, a player now feeds each cat. If another player thinks that a cat got the wrong treat, the treats are revealed. If every treat landed in the bowl of the right cat, the active player collects them as points.

However, if one of the cats got a wrong colour, the player who called it receives the treats as a reward. Whoever collects the most treats, wins. The Cats Meow cleverly includes the box into the gameplay. Shaking the box is challenging as well as entertaining. Thanks to the doubt-mechanism all players are involved all the time, requiring good skills of observation from each of them.

No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 10 to 20 minutes

Min. Age: 5

Price: £6.49
       (RRP is 7.99)