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Happy Salmon Card Game - Blue

NSG601 Happy Salmon Card Game - Blue published by North Star Games

Happy Salmon is the simple, fast-paced card game packed to the gills with high-fivin, fin-flappin fun. Actions including the classic "High 5", the unifying "Pound It", the frantic "Switcheroo", and the delightful Happy Salmon will leave players doubled over in laughter. With so many mini-celebrations built into the play, its the happiest game ever!

The Happy Salmon Blue expansion has arrived. It's the same fintastic game as before but with different color cards. This expansion can be played alone or with Happy Salmon Green to increase the maximum number of players from 6 to 12!

No. of Players: 3 to 6

Min. Age: 6

Price: 8.99
       (RRP is 14.99)