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Citrus Board Game

DLP0208 Citrus Board Game published by DLP Games

DLP0208: Citrus Board Game is Out of Stock

Oranges or lemons or both? Expand with new plantations or harvest your existing ones? Having the biggest plantations near a Finca will earn you points, but you'll invariably need to sell some of your crops in order to afford further growth!

Citrus provides players with new challenges, and little is left to chance. The moves are simple, but the decisions are tricky. Players build citrus plantations for points, yet in order to build, it's essential to harvest your plantations from time to time as this is the only way to bring new income into your account but when is the timing right? And most importantly, which plantation should you harvest, thus taking it out of the race for the important points during the finca scoring? Citrus is a tile-laying game for 2-5 players ages 10 and up with a playing time of about 50 minutes. The game contains a simplified family variant as well as a short version of the game. Citrus is particularly suitable for two players.


  • 1 Double-sided Game Board
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 1 Plantation Market
  • 90 Plantation Tiles
  • 30 Landscape Tiles
  • 15 Finca (House) Tiles
  • 15 Building Site Tiles
  • 5 Money Tiles
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • 30 Workers
  • 1 Rule Book
  • No. of Players: 2 to 5

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Min. Age: 10

    Price: 28.99
           (RRP is 35.99)