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Cargo Ship Organizer

MPR1107 Cargo Ship Organizer published by Meeple Realty

This game organiser is compatible with the following games:

  • Firefly: The Game
  • Firefly: The Game Artful Dodger Expansion
  • Firefly: The Game Blue Sun
  • Firefly: The Game Breaking Atmo
  • Firefly: The Game Kalidasa
  • Firefly: The Game Pirates and Bounty Hunters
  • Firefly: The Game Crime & Punishment (2017 expansion) will fit but you will need to remove some of the card dividers.

    It is supplied unassembled and does not include a copy of any of the above games.


  • Insert fits in the core game box along with the game instructions. Requires a big box expansion as well that will hold all the maps.
  • Customizable card configurations
  • Unsleeved cards only!
  • 24 Card dividers
  • Two token boxes
  • 1 ship box with a hidden compartment for dice
  • 2 money trays

    The insert is designed so that pieces snap into place, but due to variances in wood, glue may be necessary to secure the pieces together. We recommend wood glue, but quick drying glue works as well.

  • Price: 22.99
           (RRP is 27.99)