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Cacao Board Game: Diamante Expansion

ZMG7582 Cacao Board Game: Diamante Expansion published by Z-Man Games

Return to the exotic world of Cacao with a new expansion. Cacao: Diamante contains four new modules, giving you multiple options to customize gameplay each time you play and even more ways to lead your tribe to prosperity. Send workers out into the jungle and down to the rare gem mines. Unearth colorful gems from a three-dimensional mine cart. Collect gems in all four colors and exchange them for a beautiful gold and gemstone-encrusted mask.

Each module in Cacao: Diamante adds new dimension and depth to the game. Discover the Tree of Life in the jungle and reap the rewards, increasing your gold. Influence the Emperor and gain his favor. Explore different placement options and customize your set of worker tiles with the New Workers. Combine the modules or play individually for a new adventure each time. Combine Cacao: Chocolatl and Cacao: Diamante with the base game for a gigantic variant!


  • 32 Gems
  • 16 Worker Tiles
  • 8 Jungle Tiles
  • 7 Mask Tiles
  • 1 Mine Cart
  • 1 Wooden Emperor
  • 1 Rulebook
  • Price: 15.49
           (RRP is 18.99)