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Animal Actions Board Game: Active Kids

HAB303398 Animal Actions Board Game: Active Kids published by HABA

HAB303398: Animal Actions Board Game: Active Kids is Out of Stock

It's a lot of fun for players to show how well they can imitate the actions of their animal friends. Who will be fastest to imitate a spinning chicken or a dancing donkey? And who will manage to arch their back like the cat? But beware: With the tired turtle you all need to stay calm. In each round a different player is the judge, and decides who best imitated the action.

How to play: In each round one player is the judge and the other players have an "action competition", they copy the movement of the animal on the turned over card as quickly as possible. Place the stack of cards in front of you so that all other players can see it. Turn over the top card as quickly as possible. As the judge you need to decide who took the right action first. This player may move their parrot one field further on the edge of the game board. When the first player reaches the starting field again with their parrot, the fun action competition is over and they win the game.

No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 10 minutes

Min. Age: 4

Price: 7.49
       (RRP is 8.99)