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Aetherium Miniatures Game: Program And Character Deck

A8GARPG20 Aetherium Miniatures Game: Program And Character Deck published by Anvil Eight Games

The Aetherium RPG: Program & Character Pack is a handy quick-reference pack for GameMasters that facilitates ease of storytelling and adventure. The Program & Character Pack offers vivid and diverse NPC stats and an excellent assortment of Programs that can be used to generate complete and compelling characters for fast combat, acquisition, and much more. Pulling from Aetherium: The Roleplaying Game rulebook, the Program and Character Pack offers new options and explores new facets of the Aetherium RPG. The Program and Character Deck is a phenomenal addition to the Aetherium Roleplaying Game.


  • 54 cards:
  • 29 compelling NPCS
  • 24 unique Programs
  • 1 Reference Card
  •        (, RRP is 0.00)