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7 Souls Card Game

IUG006 7 Souls Card Game published by Inside Up Games

IUG006: 7 Souls Card Game is Out of Stock

In 7 Souls you will become the otherworldly creatures from the world of HP Lovecraft. As insatiable ethereal beings you shall compete for world dominance. Fight over the control and sanity of your followers and manipulating them for your own gain. Call forth the powerful Dark Cardinal and the dangerous Corrupt Citizen, abuse the skills of the Cultist, Acolyte, and Recruiter to gather Souls, sacrifices, and Power. And utilizing the Prophet and Betrayer to Corrupt the interfering Investigators whose pathetic attempts at saving humanity have annoyed you for the last time. Act quickly to gather support, follow your Calling, earn a Blessing and claim your rightful place at the supreme sacrificial Altar. Just be sure you dont lose your mind in 7 Souls!

No. of Players: 1 to 6

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes

Min. Age: 8

Price: 33.99
       (RRP is 38.99)