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Munchkin Accessories

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SJ5572 Munchkin Apocalypse Kill-o-Meter published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Apocalypse Kill-o-Meter

The Munchkin Apocalypse Kill-O-Meter comes with two special Munchkin Apocalypse bonus cards and since the dials can be read from either side, we put the munchkin survivors on one side and their foes on the other.


Price: 3.99
       (RRP is 5.99)

SJ5528 Munchkin: Dice Bag published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin: Dice Bag

SJ5528: Munchkin: Dice Bag is on Sale

Be the envy of your friends with the Munchkin Dice Bag, an awesome item with an awesome bonus. Fill it with official Munchkin six-sided dice and watch your friends groan in frustration as your Munchkin-head results turn failure into success. And it comes with two new Munchkin cards, Blind Chance  ...More...

Price: 4.99
       (RRP is 8.99)

SJ5606 Munchkin Halloween Monster Box published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Halloween Monster Box

It's scary how well this monster-sized box can hold all your Munchkin loot yet the box art by Len Peralta is somehow even scarier! This Munchkin Halloween Monster Box features zombie-Spyke amid a host of characters drawn directly from Halloween-themed Munchkin card sets. So store your stuff and  ...More...

Price: 22.49
       (RRP is 27.99)

SJ5593 Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies

SJ5593: Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies is Out of Stock

You can't clear thousands of dungeons without making a few Frenemies . . . so that's what we did! As long as your Imaginary Frenemies are safely stored inside their blister, they help you in combat . . . but if you release them to get at the cards inside, you can't use their rule anymore. Oh, temptation!

Contains  ...More...

Price: 2.99
       (RRP is 3.49)

SJ5523B Munchkin Jumbo d6 Orange published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Jumbo d6 Orange

SJ5523B: Munchkin Jumbo d6 Orange is on Sale

These super-sized 25mm 6-siders are available in six different colors (conveniently matching the six player and monster colors from Munchkin Quest). Each pack has two jumbo dice -- a "Munchkin d6" and a "Monster d6," with classic John Kovalic art on every face.

Plus, every color comes with  ...More...

Price: 2.99
       (RRP is 5.49)

SJ5599 Munchkin Kill-O-Meter Guest Artist Edit published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Kill-O-Meter Guest Artist Edit

In the best Munchkin fights, the levels bounce up and down like monkeys on pogo sticks, but that can make it hard to keep track of how soon you'll crush your opponents. With the Munchkin Kill-O-Meter Guest Artist Edition you'll never have to stop and recount again! Whenever a card hits the table,  ...More...

Price: 7.49
       (RRP is 8.99)

SJ5559 Munchkin: Level Playing Field published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin: Level Playing Field

Track everyone's levels at once with the Munchkin Level Playing Field! Includes male/female tokens in six colors, and matching colored tokens with special in-game benefits for each player! This set also includes four new Munchkin cards!

Bonus! The Level Playing Field has a second side, with  ...More...

Price: 15.49
       (RRP is 18.99)

SJ5595 Munchkin Meeples published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Meeples

Six designs each of one Mega-Meeple and four Non-Mega-Meeples (30 Meeples total).


Price: 15.49
       (RRP is 18.99)

SJ5604 Munchkin Playing Cards published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Playing Cards

SJ5604: Munchkin Playing Cards is on Sale

Ante up! You love Munchkin, but sometimes you want to play poker or blackjack, right? Now you can with Munchkin Playing Cards! These 54 cards are each illustrated with Munchkin art by Ian McGinty.


Price: 3.99
       (RRP is 7.99)

SJ5618 Munchkin Shakespeare Drama Dice published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Shakespeare Drama Dice

SJ5618: Munchkin Shakespeare Drama Dice is Out of Stock

Six dice that's enough for a star and five understudies! You'll never be out of Munchkin Shakespeare dice again!

This set also has four Munchkin Shakespeare bonus cards. So roll with your role, and tread the boards!


Price: 5.49
       (RRP is 6.49)

SJ5617 Munchkin Shakespeare Kill-O-Meter published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Shakespeare Kill-O-Meter

With the Munchkin Shakespeare Kill-O-Meter, whenever a card hits the table, you turn the dials to keep track of your new total. You don't have time to stop and count when the show must go on!

The Munchkin Shakespeare Kill-O-Meter also comes with four special Munchkin Shakespeare bonus cards,  ...More...

Price: 4.99
       (RRP is 8.99)

SJ5620 Munchkin Shakespeare Spykespeare Pawns published by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Shakespeare Spykespeare Pawns

Six plastic Munchkin Shakespeare: Spykespeare Pawns, in six different colors, in a blister.


Price: 5.49
       (RRP is 6.49)

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