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Counter Trays

CHX02750 Chessex Plastic Counter Tray published by Chessex

Chessex Plastic Counter Tray

CHX02750: Chessex Plastic Counter Tray is Out of Stock

The counter tray is 8" x 11" and will fit inside an Avalon Hill-sized box. It is 3/4" deep, stacks very well (only adds 1/2" to height when stacked), and holds about 1000 counters. The 16 compartments measure 2.25" x 1.5" x 0.5" and are short enough so the counters will not flip over while being  ...More...

Price: 2.49
       (RRP is 2.49)

DVV1CT Deep Dish Counter Tray published by Dan Verssen Games

Deep Dish Counter Tray

DVV1CT: Deep Dish Counter Tray is Out of Stock

A normal counter tray is about 3/8" deep. Our Deep Dish counter trays are 7/8" deep. This means you can get more counters into every pocket -AND- most importantly, you can put dice in the pockets without bulging the lid outward. Overall, the trays are 8.5" wide by 11" long. Each counter tray has  ...More...

Price: 2.49
       (RRP is 2.99)