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Zir'An: Secret of Zir'An Fate Screen

PG0005 Zir'An: Secret of Zir'An Fate Screen published by Paragon Games

PG0005: Zir'An: Secret of Zir'An Fate Screen is on Sale

Secrets at Your Fingertips!

The world of ZirAn is full of mystery and adventure it is the future of fantasy. The Fate Screen provides all the charts and tables you need, along with a special decoder wheel for the languages of ZirAn.

A Play Aid for The Secret of ZirAn

  • A beautiful game screen with a 3-panel hardcover 33 x 8.5 folio. The exterior has a Runemagic design and the interior has all critical reference charts and tables. A must have for gamemasters.
  • Comes packed with the Empyriar decoder wheel, enabling you to unlock the secrets written in the SoZ books and online newsletter great value for players and GMs alike.
  • Low-rise (landscape) format blocks die rolls and game books but allows the group look each other in the eye.
  • Price: 0.49
           (RRP is 3.99)