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Wings of Glory World War 1: UFAG CI (161-138)

Wings of Glory World War 1: UFAG CI (161-138)

AREWGF205C: Wings of Glory World War 1: UFAG CI (161-138) is on Sale

The UFAG C.I was a twoseat biplane that served the Austrian Air Service in many roles. First released in April 1918 and intended to update or replace earlier observation airplanes, its excellent speed and handling saw the UFAG C.I used for everything from escorting observation airplanes to ground attack to light bombing. The fastest twoseater produced by the Central Powers, its Hungarian manufacturer could not keep up with demands and only about 170 had been delivered when the war ended.

As a highperforming 2seater, available in limited numbers, the UFAG C.I was often reserved for the best available crews. This model has special cards to reflect that.

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