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Wings of Glory World War 1: Phonix D I (Gruber)

AREWGF121C Wings of Glory World War 1: Phonix D I (Gruber) published by Ares Games

AREWGF121C: Wings of Glory World War 1: Phonix D I (Gruber) is Out of Stock

The Phnix D.I was a singleseat biplane fighter with a stout and compact design, used by both branches of AustroHungarian air service. It was a fast airplane, wellarmed and offering good vision, but it was quite difficult to maneuver and had a poor climb rate. Employed first as an escort fighter and fighter, in spite of structural weaknesses, it was favorably received by many pilots, who found it stable, robust, and easy to fly. The D.I was also used effectively as a photoreconnaissance aircraft.

Kurt Gruber received glory and honor for the AustroHungarian Empire by claiming 11 victories, including five victories in the Phnix D.I.


  • One 1/144 scale model
  • Flight stand with game stats
  • 4 altitude stands
  • Airplane card
  • Maneuver and special cards
  • Price: 11.49
           (RRP is 13.99)