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Wars RPG

MGP0500 Wars RPG published by Mongoose Publishing

The Wars Rulebook is a complete game in one 256 page hardcover volume. It details everything a player or Games Master needs to begin adventuring in the world of Wars -- no knowledge of the card game or other roleplaying games is required!

Character creation, combat on the ground and in high orbit, skills, feats -- all of this is included, as are statistics on the major vehicles of the setting, allowing players to pilot Juggernauts across the pitted surface of Ganymede or ride to battle in a Gongen TSV. Rules and stats for bots are here, as well, so no Maverick needs to worry about being without his trusted General Bots NAV4.

The rich setting of Wars is also detailed, from the secrets of Seyal to the urban plexes of Earth. Adventure can take place in the Quay infested tunnels of Ganymede, in the Gambler's lair on Europa, in the elegant and harmonious settlements of Gongen or in the shipyards of Luna.

The Mumon Rift unleashed strange energies into the Solar System, altering those exposed into something other than human. Every player character has been touched by this energy, known as 'kizen', and can develop these powers in addition to their more mundane skills and abilities. Kizen can surround themselves with a shocking aura, learn their enemies plans via pschometry, or use action without thought to react instantly in combat.

Price: 25.99
       (RRP is 29.99)