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True20 RPG: Worlds of Adventure

GRR1705 True20 RPG: Worlds of Adventure published by Green Ronin Publishing

GRR1705: True20 RPG: Worlds of Adventure is on Sale

Fantastic worlds of adventure await you! The True20 Adventure Roleplaying game introduced players to four unique campaign settings, and now True 20 Worlds of Adventure opens up whole new vistas with new heroes to play, new battles to fight, and new stories to tell. The book features four more winners from the "True20 Setting Search," plus a new setting from Green Ronin's own Robert J. Schwalb. Fight against the horrifying forces of the unknown in Agents of Oblivion, struggle to save a fantasy world drowning in the Age of Blood in Blood Throne, earn glory and honor for your clan in the Asian fantasy of Land of the Crane, explore the depths of dreamsand nightmaresin Nevermore, and save your neighborhood from the wolfman, the monster under the bed, and the creature in the closet as a kid in The Razor in the Apple. That's five new fantastic worlds for your True20 adventures. True fun, true excitement, true inspiration... True 20 Worlds of Adventure!

Price: 6.99
       (RRP is 13.99)