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The Vicksburg Campaign 1863

COATPS16 The Vicksburg Campaign 1863 published by Clash of Arms Games

COATPS16: The Vicksburg Campaign 1863 is Out of Stock

Vicksburg was the key. Holding it meant "holding the South together," with access to all the western men, food, horses, supplies... and Mexican ports. Holding it also meant the Mississippi River could not be freely used by the North, for transporting troops and supplies, nor by Midwestern farmers, for shipping exported goods. Can you, as the Federal forces, match U.S. Grant's finest campaign? Can you, commanding for the Confederacy, gather your scattered troops and create a force strong enough to punish Grant for his audacity?

This division-level hex-and-counter game includes Grant's Army of the Tennessee, facing off against the oft-at-odds Army of Mississippi of Pemberton and Army of Tennessee of Johnston. The sweep and scope of the campaign are included, from Grant's Crossing at Bruinsburg to the finale (or not). Interesting side stories are included, like Grierson's Raid, the CSS Arkansas, and "that devil Forrest" and his part--or not-- in the grand campaign.


  • One full colour 11 x 17 mounted map
  • 140 full colour die-cut counters
  • 12 page rulebook
  • Price: 29.99
           (RRP is 34.99)

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