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The Sadowa Campaign

COATPS17B The Sadowa Campaign published by Clash of Arms Games

A person could make the case that Sadowa is the single most significant battle in the last 200 years. What? An unheard-of campaign from an almost overlooked war (Austria v Prussia, 1866)? But consider... if the Austrians had won at Sadowa, there might not have been a powerful Prussia, who beats the French in 1870, unites Germany, and competes with Great Britain. Is there a World War I? Take away WWI, and is there a WWII? Can you, as the Prussia player, start the path toward Germany being a world power? Or can you, as the Austrian player, avert the future catastrophe Germany's ambition will bring to Europe?

Designed by veteran Jim Werbaneth, The Sadowa Campaign lets players explore the historical options, covering the entire campaign area--your decisive battles might happen somewhere else besides Sadowa! Initiative is key and captures the sweeping moves each side made (or tried to).


  • One full colour 11 x 17 mounted mapboard
  • 100 full colour die-cut counters
  • 12 page rulebook
  • 1 Player Aid Chart
  • Price: 29.99
           (RRP is 34.99)